Welcome to my horribly ugly and basic website. Here you'll find the applications I've developed and generally their corresponding source code.

Current Projects:

PinXML: Application for media asset and table management for the PinballX FE. The application is written in Python 2.7.x using wxPython and the PIL image library. Currently expects VP, FP and PinballX to be installed in their default directories. If the program can't find VP/FP in their default directories it will present a directory selection dialog box upon startup.

Dormant Projects:

wxEswat: Eve Online application for pilot, corporation and alliance operations. Industry, assets, mining, etc. Written in a mix of C++ and Python 2.7.x code. Started a rewrite into pure Python with Twisted network library.
Hub!Cade: Multiplayer MAME/MESS play over internet. The GUI is written in Python 2.7.x via the wxPython, PIL and Twisted libraries along with some embedded C code for hashing calculations.